Data Visualization- Final Exam Review

Importance of Data Visualization: Data visualization is a powerful strategy to represent complex information in simplest way. Internet contains loads of data that leads to the problem of information overload that we encounter every day thus, in trying to ignore useless content we miss on some useful information as well. Representation of content in form of graphs, charts, and visualization has proven to help grab audience eyeballs, attention and imagination. Use of data visualizations can summarize large volumes of data in form of images, it can also be useful for web analytics strategy, it makes data easier to understand, also, helpful when data needs to be communicated to others.There are many online tools available to create data visualizations.


Wordle is a free tool that create word clouds for you using the text you provide, you can paster text in Wordle or enter URL of any blog or webpage which has Atom or RSS feed. You are free to use those word clouds anywhere. Although, words provide you limited information but a snapshot can be useful for content analysis of large amount of text. An example:

This tool allows you to distribute already created infographics, with limited access to create an inforgraphics based on Facebook or twitter feed, fun to make and attract Facebook or Twitter users. An example:


Piktochart is more complicated than Wordle and, it does not allow you to pull data from social media feeds so, you must have your own data before you begin, although, you can use existing datasets or information to create info-graphics related to any field of life. An example:

Many Eyes:

A pilot project created by IBM research that allows people to upload datastes and create visualizations using those datasets, each visualization has a discussion forum attached to it. Many Eyes is complicated from all of the tools above but it allows you to create and experiment different graphical representation of data, even using datasets contributed by other users. An example:



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