My Web Page. HTML Basic

Here are the badges and screen shot of my code.

Complete code is here:

<h1>Kiren Malik</h1>
<img src= “; /> <img src= “; />
<p>Hi, My name is Kiren Malik and I am a student at Ryerson University studying Bachelors of Science(Biology). I live in Mississauga with my husband and 2 yr old daughter. Life is so beautiful and I enjoy it every single day with my little princess. </p>
<p>I spend most of my day playing with my daughter and studying but when its summer time, I also do some art work <a href=” CAgQ_AUoAQ&biw=1160&bih=621″> like painting, sketching etc. </a> I go for swimming, horse riding and I just love to play chess.</p>

<h2>Career Goals</h2>
<p>I would like to become a physiotherapist <a href=””&gt; as I love to work with senior people </a> and in this career, most of the time I will be helping senior citizens. If this won’t work then I may become a biologist but my preferred career will be of a Physiotherapist.</p>


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