My Personal Brand Statement


I have created my “personal brand statement” for the very first time with the help of course material and online search on personal branding. I got to learn that personal brand statement is not just something that is designed for a resume to impress an employer, its a mirror where not just I can see myself but others can also see me and themselves in the same mirror and what they gain and from my reflection (my personality, my characteristics, knowledge and experiences of life). I visited many websites and blogs to read about personal brand statement, all of my research and content studied made me think “who am I”?, “what’s unique about me that makes me different than other around me”?, who is my target to socialize and work with, what can I do for others, all together “who is my audience”? Identity matters everywhere, in personal and professional life, in face to face interaction or online as we always talk to people, not to walls.

One of webs I liked the most in search: This provided me with examples and blank statement to fill as my own, describing my own profession with unique qualities of myself, type of audience I want to target and desired experience I want my audience of gain from my knowledge and experience. 

Before creating my brand statement, I have also considered these 5 simple but important things from this video:

“I am a physical therapist who is passionate, experienced, accommodative and always willing to support, guide and educate (clients) to bring life back to learn and enjoy unique experiences that a normal and healthy life has to offer”.




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