Light-beam Graph, web surfing and connection to third parties


It was interesting, shocking and a bit scary to see this graph at first because I was not aware of such a software that can show me how many sites I have visited and how many third-party sites were connected to the information I viewed and when I saw that just visiting 11 sites can connect me with other 182 sites, I was shocked but as I saw such information for first time, its was interesting to know this type of technology available to us. The number of third-party sites scared me a bit because I just visited 11 sites in 20 minutes but I was being followed by 182 other sites which I was unaware of, and any of those sites could contain some malware to hack my online information/identity and of course I was never going to be aware of it as I had no idea of that before looking into this graph. This was just a 20 minute surfing and I visit lots of sites everyday so, how much of my online identity gets on risk everyday and that scared me. This graph shows the connection between the web sites I visited and the third-parties I was connected to and I do not see any single web which is not connected to at least one other web, all of them are so complicatedly attached that its hard to hard which one is related to which other site, even, the Facebook we use on daily basis and use it a lot, has a bunch of third-party sites that we never see while we visit Facebook every time but they can see what we like, what we are looking for or what interests us. I think most of these third-party sites will be looking to target consumers as they get to see what people want on internet  just by connecting to these big sites and than offer the ads of that person’s interest on websites, they visit next. Consumerism drives to Big Data as information is shared on many platforms within seconds, I would say its beneficial as things can be done in seconds and life has become much more comfortable with this sharing of data but risk of identity theft cannot be ignored either. 


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